My latest project is called boney. It's a Node.js SaaS template in one file. It's meant to help devs get started as indie hackers with minimal fuss.

That project started because I have two other projects that I want to convert to a SaaS and I've (🫢) never built a full SaaS before.

Those two projects are (my love ❤️) and the one I think has the most money-making potential Polite Pop.

Before boney, I was working on a classless CSS framework named after my main social handle panphora.css, but I kinda fell out of love with it after I started building some websites with it and didn't like the style.

I'm enjoying my new website style better (it's dark mode only 🌑) and I plan to rebuild with it.

ChatGPT made it painlessly easy to create a new web app in an afternoon and I've been using it to do just that.

1. A yoga app

2. A landing page builder

3. A vector orbit generator

4. A game maker

5. A way to visualize your net worth over time

6. A way to fix Twitter's link previews

7. A link preview generator

8. A quiz builder

9. A title capitalization converter

10. A credit card bill categorizer

11. A password generator

12. A minimal GitHub Gist alternative

13. A no-hassle movement website

14. An →↑↓← arrow copier

15. A newsletter signup form

16. A website for the do nothing club

17. A way to get closer to your life partner

18. A squiggly line generator

19. A better modal / command palette

20. A way to generate the JS commands for drawing a canvas by drawing on a canvas

21. widget.js (a way to toggle widgets on click)

Why so many apps? Just for fun. I have very limited free time now that I'm a dad and throwing something useful together quickly is a great way to spend a few hours.

I use the yoga app when I have 5 minutes. I use the password generator all the time. The squiggly line generator is going to come in really handy for rebuilding my website. And the vector orbit generator helped me make my animated favicon for

But will it all come together into some kind of unified vision or am I wasting my focus?